Wellbeing - e-Smart

The Alannah and Madeline Foundation's eSmart program is a guiding framework which supports a whole-school change process and introduction of policies and practises to assist with the prevention and management of cybersafety and bullying including through online environments. eSmart, developed in consultation with experts from across Australia and the RMIT University, aims to support teachers, students and the school community on identifying, preventing and responding to a range of cyber risks. It also aims to highlight the benefits of using technology to enhance learning and positive ways it can be used in the classroom or recreationally.

St. Dominic’s Primary School began its eSmart journey in 2016. Staff and students have worked collaboratively to implement the framework within our school, aligning it with the many policies and practises we already had in place for the management of bullying and the the use of technology in a cyber safe way. The framework has enabled us to highlight areas of improvement but also to affirm many of the structure we already had in place.

St Dominic’s looks forward to becoming an officially accredited eSmart school in the near future. This will enable us to create a school community where the smart, safe and responsible use of communications technology is the norm.

Online Reporting of Bullying and Cyberbullying: