Our School - Policies

Anaphylaxis Management Policy*

Anti-Bullying Policy (including Cyberbullying)*

Arts Policy

Assessment and Reporting Policy*

Assessment & Reporting Procedures*

Assessment & Reporting - Requirements for Parents/Guardians/Carers*


Attendance Policy*

Australian Citizen Statement

Australian Democratic Principles

Bush Fire Management


Child Safety Policy and other Child Safety Frameworks & Resources*

Child Safety - Identifying & Responding to Abuse Reporting Obligations*

Child Safety - Reportable Conduct Policy*

Complaints Handling Policy*

Critical Incident Policy and Response Plan

Curriculum Plan*

Digital Technology - ICT Acceptable Use Policy*

Digital Technology Guidelines (ICT User Agreement)

DT Policy Update: Online etiquette & expectations for students

Duty of Care Policy/Guidelines*

Electronic Role Marking

Emergency Management


Enrolment Policy*

Enrolment Procedures*

Excursion and Incursion Policy

Fees and Charges Policy*

Fees and Charges - Concessions*

First Aid Guidelines*

First Aid Procedures*

Fundraising and Charities Policy

Governance Structure

Head Lice Policy

Home Group Structure and Formation Policy 


Inclement Weather

Inclusive Schooling


Languages - Italian

Learning and Teaching Policy



Memorandum of Understanding

Minor Bump & Head Injury Policy

Occupational Health & Safety Policy*

OHS Safety Issue Resolution Flowchart*

OHS Essential Safety Measures Policy*

Parent and Guardian Code of Conduct*

Pastoral Care of Students Policy*

Positive Behaviour Support Policy (Student Code of Conduct)

Professional Development

Public Speaking

Science Policy

Religious Education

School Advisory Board Guidelines

Staff & Volunteer Recruitment Policy*

Student Safety with External Providers


Supervision Policy*

Teacher Registration Policy*

Victorian Curriculum - Capabilities

Victorian Curriculum Policy

Workplace Equal Opportunity

Working with Children Check Policy*

Working with Children - Maintaing the Register*

Working with Childfren Check - Exclusion / Interim Excusion Notices*

Yard Supervision


* = 2021 Updated under MACS governance for VRQA requirements