& Teaching - Work habits

Student work habits are linked to their personal learning. As students progress through school they need to be encouraged and supported to take greater responsibility for their own learning, their participation in learning activities and the quality of their learning outcomes. They need to develop a sense of themselves as learners and develop the knowledge and skills to manage their own learning and emotions. As they do this, they move from being supported learners to autonomous learners.

The following list relates to performance in effort and classroom behaviour which are used by classroom teachers to moderate and identify a measure of student work habits.


  • Accepts responsibility for own learning
  • Completes task to best of ability
  • Demonstrates personal organizational skills
  • Displays initiative
  • Extends themselves
  • Self Motivated
  • Takes pride in work and presentation
  • Seeks assistance when required
  • Works without distractions
  • Works without distracting others
  • Contributes to group discussions & activities
  • Completes set tasks within given time frame

Class Behaviour

  • Demonstrates courtesy & good manners
  • Shows tolerance and consideration for others
  • Demonstrates reliability
  • Cares for own and others’ belongings
  • Accepts responsibility for own behaviour
  • Works cooperatively
  • Demonstrates confidence
  • Listens to others
  • Understands and follows directions
  • Works without distractions
  • Works without distracting others
  • Interacts well with other students
  • Completes set tasks within a given time frame
  • Demonstrates personal organization skills