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Enrolment Policy

Enrolment Procedures

We believe that parents are the first and the most influential educators of their children, and that effective partnership between school and home is essential for any aspect of education. Such a partnership implies a shared responsibility between the family and the teachers.

Our primary responsibility is the education of the children in the Catholic faith, firmly based on the values of Jesus Christ enshrined in the Gospels. We see ourselves as an integral part of the Parish of St. Dominic's, and all our endeavours as stemming from, and contributing to, the life of the parish.

For this reason, families enrolling their children will be expected to involve themselves in the life not only of the school but also of the Parish in general. Regular attendance at Sunday Eucharist, active participation in the preparation of children for the Sacraments, responsible contribution to the upkeep of the parish, and an understanding of the St Dominic's Vision statement are all part of ongoing parish life and activity.

Enrolment must also comply with the provisions of the Victorian Catholic Schools & Catholic Education Office Certified Agreement 2008. This states;

Unless agreement is reached to the contrary by the Consultative Committee the following class size limits shall apply:

  • The Consultative Committe will make special recommendations with regard to support and resourcing for a classroom teacher where:
    • 1. a Yr P-2 exceeds 26
    • 2. a Yr 3-6 class exceeds 28

Enrolments are open to all baptised Catholic children of Parishioners as well as those children who have siblings already enrolled at St. Dominic’s. Consideration is given to the following criteria:-

  • Families that are active and supportive of the Parish:
    • (a) pastorally
    • (b) regular participants in the Parish Mass
    • (c) financially
  • A commitment to the Parish School through years prep to Year Six.

However due to a ceiling of numbers set down by the Boroondara Council the school may be limited in the number of students that can be accepted.

The minimum age for all admission 4.75 years prior to the beginning of the calendar year in which admission is sought; i.e. 5 years by the 30th April. All children aged 6 or more must attend school.

Non-Catholic enrolments may be considered, provided the parents are able to satisfy the school authorities of their commitment, and understanding of, Gospel Values, which the school exists to proclaim. Such enrolments would be accepted on the understanding that the children participate in the Religious Education Program of the school.

No child will be refused admission on the grounds of an inability to pay all/part of school fees. Parents are asked to discuss special arrangements with the Parish Priest or Principal.

Support of the School Building Fund is expected of all parents, as an indicator of their commitment to the School and Parish.

School fees are charged according to whether there is one child or two or more children attending.

An Application for Enrolment is only the first step in the process for placement at St. Dominic's.