Community - School Advisory Board

St. Dominic’s School Advisory Board Personnel:

  • Father Peter Toan OP - Parish Priest
  • Father Martin Wallace OP - Assistant Parish Priest
  • Patrick Green - Principal
  • Helen Anania - Deputy Principal
  • Lucy McCarthy - Chariperson & Parent Representative
  • Juliet Buckley - Parent Representative
  • Christian Burns - Parent Representative
  • Lisa Anelli - Parent Representative
  • Ben Pratt - Parent Representative
  • Olivia Jones - Parent Representative

Father Peter Toan OP - Parish Priest

Fr Peter has been a Priest for 29 years and served in numerous parishes including St Benedict’s in Auckland (New Zealand), Our Lady of Graces in Brisbane, Our Lady of Rosary and St Laurence’s in Adelaide, Our Lady of the Rosary in Perth and St Dominic’s in Melbourne. Fr Peter is keen to know and work in unison with both the Parish and School communities. Together, with faith and trust in God, Fr Peter looks forward to tackling the challenges before us as well as fostering strong partnerships with all in our community.

Fr Peter started as Parish Priest and member of the School Advisory Board in September 2017. He holds a Bachelor of Theology, a Master of Arts, and a Master of Social Science. 

Father Martin Wallace OP - Assistant Parish Priest

Fr Martin Wallace OP joined the School Advisory Board in 2019 as Assistant Parish Priest. Fr Martin has worked actively as a Priest for 37 years serving in a range of communities both here in Australia and in PNG. He has a Master of Educational Studies (Flinders), a Bachelor of Theology (MCD), a Master of Canon Law (Ottawa) and Bachelor of Arts (Sydney). Fr Martin has eighteen years experience in high school education in Australia (including as Principal) and nine years in tertiary education in PNG.


Patrick Green - Principal

Patrick began in the role of Principal at St Dominic’s in 2015. Patrick’s experience spans 35 years in education: including as a teacher, educational leader and learning manager in primary, secondary and adult education fields. He holds a Diploma of Teaching, Graduate Diploma of Computer Studies (Education) and a Masters of Educational Leadership.

Helen Anania - Deputy Principal

Helen began working at St Dominic's in 2019 as Deputy Principal. Helen has been in education for 28 years and has experience in a variety of classroom and leadership roles such as Deputy Principal, Learning and Teaching, Religious Education, Student Wellbeing and Mathematics. Helen has completed a Bachelor of Arts in Education, Postgraduate Diploma in Student Wellbeing and a Masters of Education (Allied School Psychology).

Lucy McCarthy - Chairperson & Parent Representative

Lucy joined the School Advisory Board in 2020 and has one son at St. Dom's, Will in 5/6 Iwaniw/Miezis. Lucy is a specialist in Commercial Excellence within the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, leading change management, sales and marketing operations, communications and leadership development. As a member of the School Advisory Board, Lucy looks to support the school and the board, represent the community for the benefit of student education and wellbeing and contribute towards a well-aligned and transparent school governance process. 

Juliet Buckley - Parent Representative

Juliet joined the School Advisory Board in 2018. She has worked in Paediatric healthcare for over 20 years and currently works as the Quality, Safety and Innovation Manager at Monash Children’s Hospital. Juliet was President of the Camberwell Childcare and Kindergarten Board of Management for 5 years and currently sits on a number of statewide paediatric healthcare committees. She is passionate in having the voice of parents heard and represented at St Dominic’s. Juliet has her son at St Dominic’s – Liam (3/4 Dean).

Christian Burns - Parent Representative

Christian moved into the St Dominic’s parish in 2013. Christian is a father of four with Dominic (graduated 2020), Madeleine (3/4 Gorman), Rebecca (1/2 Ryan) and Jonathan to commence in 2024. Christian has a tertiary qualification in Chemical Engineering and Commerce and has worked in engineering, projects, strategy and procurement. Christian first joined the Board in 2018 and brings a strong passion to maintain and strengthen the bonds between the parish and the school. Christian is also a Cub Scout Leader.

Lisa Anelli - Parent Representative

Lisa joined the School Advisory Board in 2020. Lisa is a qualified Chartered Accountant with over 15 years’ experience, in both Chartered Accounting Practice and in Government. The last three years she has served as the Company Secretary for one of Melbourne’s largest water utilities expanding her experience in the areas of governance, risk, strategy and policy. Lisa joined the St Dominic’s community in 2014 and is committed to supporting the school on a journey of continuous improvement for the benefit of current students and promoting these benefits to future students and families wishing to join the St Dominic’s community. Lisa and her husband Matthew have one child, Louis 3/4 Dean at the school and Isabel who graduated in 2020.

Ben Pratt - Parent Representative 

Ben joined the School Advisory Board in 2020. Ben has three children at the school, Nathan in Yr6 in 5/6 Pearman, Lucas in Yr4 in 3/4 Dean and Oliver in 1/2 Ryan. Ben is an experienced Chartered Accountant of 20 years, who has held senior finance roles in FMCG companies across Supply Chain, Sales, Marketing and Strategy. Ben and his family joined the St Dominic’s community in 2018. Ben is passionate about supporting the school to ensure the students meet their potential and leveraging his commercial experience for the benefit of the board and St Dominic’s community.

Olivia Jones - Parent Representative

Olivia joined the School Advisory Board in 2020. She is a qualified lawyer, with over 15 years' experience working in London, the Middle East and now Melbourne. Her current role is as General Counsel and Head of Strategy at VicTrack. As part of the School Advisory Board, Olivia wants to work to support the school ethos and community and to maintain St Dominic's position as a school of choice for local families. Olivia’s daughter Freya is in Year 2 in 1/2 Ryan

 Role of the School Advisory Board

The School Advisory Board exists to provide a structure that:

  1. Allows for the discussion and development of education policy and planning in relation to curriculum, as well as the physical environment of St. Dominic's Parish Primary School.
  2. Assists the Parish Priest and School Principal with advice regarding policy and issues specific to St. Dominic's Community.  
  3. Liaise with other parish groups associated with the school.

The Board meets regularly throughout the year and its members serve a 3-year term.

Parents are encouraged to show interest in the Board and its functions. Meetings are advertised in the school newsletter and a summary of the minutes of each meeting are documented in the school newsletter.

School Advisory Board Handbook