Community - School Advisory Board

St. Dominic’s School Advisory Board Personnel:

  • Father Peter Toan OP - Parish Priest
  • Father Martin Wallace OP - Assistant Parish Priest
  • Patrick Green - Principal
  • Helen Anania - Deputy Principal
  • Christian Burns - Parent
  • Juliet Buckley - Parent
  • Lucy McCarthy - Parent
  • Olivia Jones - Parent
  • Lisa Anelli - Parent
  • Ben Pratt - Parent

Role of the School Advisory Board

The School Advisory Board exists to provide a structure that:

  1. Allows for the discussion and development of education policy and planning in relation to curriculum, as well as the physical environment of St. Dominic's Parish Primary School.
  2. Assists the Parish Priest and School Principal with advice regarding policy and issues specific to St. Dominic's Community.  
  3. Liaise with other parish groups associated with the school.

The Board meets regularly throughout the year and its members serve a 3-year term.

Parents are encouraged to show interest in the Board and its functions. Meetings are advertised in the school newsletter and a summary of the minutes of each meeting are documented in the school newsletter.

School Advisory Board Handbook